Friday, August 17th Jane Austin’s “Persuasion”


Time: 1hr. 33min.

At 19, Anne Elliot (Sally Hawkins) fell in love with Frederick Wentworth (Rupert Penry-Jones) but broke off the engagement because he had neither rank nor money. Eight years later, when the eligible Frederick returns from sea with a fortune, Anne regrets her decision. She still loves Frederick, but she can only watch as he's pursued by every young woman in the district in this masterful adaptation of Jane Austen's romantic novel.


Friday, August 24th High Noon

Year: 1952

Time: 1hr. 52min.

Retiring Marshal Will Kane (Gary Cooper) insists on defending his town from a gang of hooligans who are due on the noon train -- but he faces the task alone as the cowardly townspeople flee like rats from a sinking ship. Also stars Grace Kelly, Thomas Mitchell and Lloyd Bridges.

Friday, August 31st  Blazing Saddles

Year: 1974

Time: 1hr. 32min.

Politically incorrect and relentlessly funny, Mel Brooks's take on Hollywood Westerns follows the tortured trail of freed slave Bart, who's elected sheriff of the racist town of Rock Ridge. He must foil a land-grabbing governor (Brooks) with help from a washed-up, pot-smoking gunslinger (Gene Wilder).

Monday, August 20th The Mountain Between Us.

Year: 2017

Time: 1hr. 52min.

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba star in this sweeping, suspenseful drama based on Charles Martin's novel. When a plane they've chartered to beat a storm crashes in a remote mountain area, two strangers must trust each other in order to survive the extreme elements. With little hope of rescue, they begin a perilous journey that will shape the course of their lives.

Monday, August 27th  Isle of Dogs

Year: 2017

Time: 1hr. 30min.

Visionary director Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs tells the story of 12 year old Atari Kobayash. When all the canine pets of Megasaki City are exiled to Trash Island, Atari sets off in search of his bodyguard dog, Spots. With the assistance of his newfound mongrel friends, he begins an epic journey that will decide the fate and future of the city. All star cast includes, Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton and more.



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Friday,  June 15th

LGBTQ  Party ( No Film)

Monday, August 6th Love Simon

Year: 2018

Time:1hr. 50min.

Closeted gay teen Simon is mortified when his classmate Martin gets hold of Simon's intimate email to his online love. With the prospect of humiliation looming, Simon reluctantly agrees to help Martin get closer to Abby, Simon's female best friend.

Friday, August 3rd   High Society

Year: 1956

Time: 1hr. 50min.

In this Cole Porter reworking of The Philadelphia Story, a jazz musician tries to win back his socialite ex-wife -- who's engaged to a respectable but bland gentleman -- while two gossip-rag reporters gum up the works. Cast includes, Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Celeste Holm and Louie Armstrong

Monday, August 13th Their Finest

Year: 2017

Time: 1hr. 57min.

Hired to pen scripts for films intended to boost Britain's spirits during World War II's London Blitz, Catrin Cole finds drama and comedy off screen as she contends with a chauvinistic fellow screenwriter and a self-important aging actor. Cast includes, Gemma Atherton, Sam Clafin and Bill Nighy.


Friday August 10th  Imitation of Life

Year: 1959

Time: 2hrs. 00min.

Lora, a white widow with a daughter, and Annie, a black single mother, move in together and face a huge challenge as they try to raise their children. Annie's daughter favors her light-skinned father and comes to resent her mother's black identity. Cast includes, Lana Turner, John Gavin and Sandra Dee.









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