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Films start at 12:45 unless otherwise noted with  ** early start @ 12:30.

Every Monday (New Films) and Friday (Classics) Films start at 12:45 unless otherwise indicated with ** for early start @ 12:30.

The Monday film program will continue and we will show both newer and classic films in the monthly schedule. This will reduce the number of days per month in which movies will be shown. For example, because of the Labor Day Holiday on Monday September 3rd we will only show three movies on three Mondays in September. Those film are listed below

Monday, May 27 th

The Castro Senior Center will be closed for the Memorial Day Holiday

Friday, August 2    Ninotchka

Year: 1939

Time: 1hr. 50min.

Greta Garbo earned her fourth Oscar nomination for portraying Communist dream Ninotchka: a stern-faced apparatchik who does things entirely by the book -- the Soviet book. She's sent to Paris to arrange the sale of Grand Duchess Swana's jewels for her government, but while taking in the appalling materialism of Paris, Ninotchka meets the Swana estate's Count Leon (Melvyn Douglas), who melts her icy heart.

Monday, August  5 I Am David

Year: 2003

Time: 0hr. 00min.

In this adaptation of the novel North to Freedom, a 12-year-old boy manages to flee a Communist concentration camp through sheer will. All he has with him is a loaf of bread, a letter to deliver to Denmark and a compass to help get him there.

R rated

Friday, August 9 Johnny Guitar

Year: 1954

Time: 1hr. 50min.

Fiery saloon owner Vienna squares off against her archenemy Emma Small, a repressed rancher who wants to bring her down at any cost. Vienna's former lover -- ex-gunslinger Johnny Guitar -- rides into town to keep Emma and her posse in check. Stars Joan Crawford with Mercedes McCambridge and Sterling Hayden.

Monday, August 12 Studio 54

Year: 2018

Time: 1hr. 38min.

This riveting documentary charts the rise and fall of New York City's Studio 54, the nightclub of choice for countless celebrities in the late 1970s. But the venue's three years of glory came to an end when its founders were indicted for tax evasion.

Friday, August 16  Joy Luck Club

Year: 1993

Time: 2hrs. 15min.

This drama based on a novel by Amy Tan follows four Chinese women living in California who gather weekly to play mah-jongg and share stories. They also enjoy sharing stories about their daughters, lamenting some of the younger generation's choices.

Monday, August 19 Becoming Astrid

Year: 2018

Time: 2hrs. 00min.

This coming-of-age biopic focuses on the formative years of famed author Astrid Lindgren -- creator of the beloved character Pippi Longstocking -- and a seminal event that will turn her into a titan of children's literature.

Friday, August 23 Thelma and Louise

Year: 1991

Time: 2hrs. 05min.

Arkansas waitress Louise Sawyer (Susan Sarandon) persuades her friend Thelma Dickinson (Geena Davis), a naïve housewife burdened with a negligent, sexist husband, to hit the road with her for a simple weekend of freedom. But the two friends wind up outlaws blazing a trail across America.

Monday, August 26 Amazing Grace

Year: 2018

Time: 2hrs. 00min.

More than 40 years after Aretha Franklin delivered two spellbinding nights of gospel music at a Baptist church in Los Angeles, this documentary -- long shelved because of technical problems -- takes viewers back to the legendary concerts.

Friday, August 30  Auntie Mame

Year: 1958

Time: 2hrs.20min.

Rosalind Russell dazzles in a tour de force performance as the larger-than-life Mame Dennis, who unexpectedly gains custody of her young nephew Patrick in 1920s New York. As Patrick grows, he learns to live by Auntie Mame's motto: "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!"



R rated movies may include adult themes, hard language, high levels of violence, sexually oriented nudity and/or drug abuse.


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