Monday, June 16th   Paddington


Time: 1hr. 35min.

This family tale chronicles the adventures of Paddington Bear, who's rescued at a train station and taken home by a young boy. Paddington adapts quickly to city life, but there's an evil taxidermist in town with her eye on the lovable bruin. Cast includes Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins.


Monday, July 23rd   Paddington II

Year: 2018

Time: 1hr. 43min.

Paddington, now happily settled with the Brown family in Windsor Gardens, has become a popular member of the community, spreading joy and marmalade wherever he goes.

While searching for a present for his Aunt Lucy's birthday, Paddington spots a unique pop-up book that he wants. Adventure ensues when the book is stolen and Paddington and the Browns must unmask the thief.




Monday, July 30th Jane

Year: 2017

Time: 1hr. 30min.

The discovery of half-century-old footage of celebrated primatologist Jane Goodall and her jungle menagerie of chimpanzees provides a new and engrossing look at her lifetime of work with humans' closest evolutionary relatives.

Friday, July 20th  Brigadoon

Year: 1954

Time: 1hr. 48min.

Traveling in the Scottish Highlands, Americans Van Johnson and Gene Kelly discover the enchanted village Brigadoon, which appears from the Scottish mists only one day each century. In the course of this magical day, Kelly falls for lassie, Cyd Charisse and must decide whether to leave the real world behind and take up permanent residence in Brigadoon. Brimming with lovely Lerner and Lowe songs, Brigadoon features Kelly's usual explosive dance numbers.

Friday, July 27th   Mr. Blanding’s Builds His Dream House

Year: 1948

Time: 1hr. 34min.

Sophisticated New Yorkers Jim and Muriel Blandings (Cary Grant and Myrna Loy) leave their jaded city life for a dreamy getaway in rural Connecticut. But when their first house isn't to their liking, the Blandings start over from scratch -- with disastrously funny results.



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Friday,  June 15th

LGBTQ  Party ( No Film)

Friday, July 6th    Some Like It Hot

Year: 1959

Time:2hr. 00min.

When 1920’s musicians Jerry and Joe (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon) witness a Chicago gang land killing they have to get out of town the only way they know how -- dressed as women. But things heat up on the road when they meet a blonde who plays the ukulele (Marilyn Monroe).

Monday, July 2nd  Hamilton

Year: 2006

Time: 2hr. 00min.

Brian F. O'Byrne portrays Alexander Hamilton, America's first treasury secretary and the second most influential person in young America after George Washington, in this insightful documentary. The oftentimes controversial Hamilton, who is subject of the recent Broadway hit musical, saved the new republic from bankruptcy, founded what would become Wall Street and helped develop the Constitution.

Friday, June 13th  My Darling Clementine

Year: 1946

Time: 1hr. 37min.

As sheriff of Tombstone, Ariz., Wyatt Earp (Henry Fonda) must balance keeping unruly criminals in line with tracking down and bringing to justice the men who killed his brothers, Morgan (Ward Bond) and Virgil (Tim Holt). With help from Doc Holliday (Victor Mature), with whom he maintains a tepid friendship, Earp's pursuit ultimately involves the history-making confrontation at the OK Corral.


Monday, July 9th The Final Year

Year: 2017

Time: 1hr. 29min.

Enjoying rare access to Barack Obama and some of his top aides during the last year of his presidency, filmmaker Greg Barker captures the urgency of White House foreign policy experts as they hasten to cement Obama's global legacy.









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