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Films start at 12:45 unless otherwise noted with  ** early start @ 12:30.

Every Monday (New Films) and Friday (Classics) Films start at 12:45

The Monday film program will continue and we will show both newer and classic films in the monthly schedule. This will reduce the number of days per month in which movies will be shown. For example, because of the Labor Day Holiday on Monday September 3rd we will only show three movies on three Mondays in September. Those film are listed below

Friday, December 13th

Castro Senior Center Holiday Part-No Film

Friday, December 6th.   Gentleman’s Agreement

Year: 2019

Time: 1hr. 43min.

Enterprising reporter Phil Green (Gregory Peck), eager to blow the lid off anti-Semitism, accepts an assignment to pen a series of frank exposés for a progressive magazine. Looking for a new angle, Green poses as a Jew and soon endures the full spectrum of bigotry -- from being denied a job and use of public facilities to his son suffering a beating. Little by little, the journalist comes to understand the cruel effects of prejudice. Cast includes Dorothy McGuire and John Garfield

We were unable to show this film last month as scheduled last month.

Monday, December 2nd. Blue Planet II Final Episode

Year: 2019

Time: 0hr. 52min.

In our final episode of Blue Planet we see how the scientist, photographers and others captured the amazing images we watched in this series. The second film is the first episode of a new series about the land. We are introduced to the world of exotic and endangered life on islands around the world.

& Planet Earth II Episode One: Islands

Monday, December 9th.  The Peanut Butter Falcon

Year: 2019

Time: 1hr. 33min.

 Zak, a young man with Down syndrome, runs away from a residential nursing home to fulfill his dream of attending the pro wrestling school of his idol, The Salt Water Redneck. On the road, Zak meets Tyler, a small-time outlaw who becomes Zak's unlikely coach and ally. Together, they set out on a wild, life-changing journey and try to convince Eleanor, a kind nursing-home employee charged with bringing Zak back, to join them.

Monday, December 16th.  The Farewell

Year: 2019

Time: 1hr. 38min.

After learning that her family's beloved matriarch, Nai Nai, has been given mere weeks to live, Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi returns to Changchun to find that her family has decided to keep the news from Nai Nai. While the family gathers under the joyful guise of an expedited wedding, Billi rediscovers the country she left as a child, and is forever changed by her grandmother's wondrous spirit.

Friday, December 20th. Shop Around The Corner

Year: 1940

Time: 1hr. 38min.

In Ernst Lubitsch's charming romance -- Klara (Margaret Sullavan) and Alfred (James Stewart) fall in love, even though they've only met before as pen pals and don't even know each other's names. They end up working in the same shop without knowing who the other one really is.

Monday, Dec 23rd. Linda Ronstadt:

Year: 2019

Time: 1hr. 35min.

Linda Ronstadt loves to sing -- a truth that can be heard in each note of every music genre she's undertaken. This affecting documentary draws on archival footage and tributes from a wide swath of Ronstadt's musical colleagues to chronicle her story.

The Sound of My Voice

Friday, December 27th.  A Christmas Story

Year: 1983

Time: 1hr. 30min.

In this nostalgic look at Christmas in 1940s Indiana, 9-year-old Ralphie Parker desperately wants a "Red Ryder carbine-action, 200-shot Range Model air rifle." But first he'll have to wage an all-out campaign to convince his parents the toy is safe.

Monday, December 30th.  The Upside

Year: 2019

Time: 2hrs. 05min.

A recently paroled ex-convict, Dell, strikes up an unusual and unlikely friendship with a quadriplegic billionaire, Philip Lacasse. From worlds apart, Dell and Philip form an unlikely bond, bridging their differences and gaining invaluable wisdom in the process, giving each man a renewed sense of passion for all of life's possibilities.



R rated movies may include adult themes, hard language, high levels of violence, sexually oriented nudity and/or drug abuse.


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