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What is the Golden Gate Village?

As a grassroots, community-based membership organization, the Golden Gate Village is designed, built and governed by those who are going to use it. We focus more on community building and the non-medical side of health care – the social and practical supports that, when absent, may limit our ability to live independently or comply with a medical plan of care and can lead directly to poorer health.


The Golden Gate Village offers members a network of resources, services, programs and activities that revolve around daily living needs (i.e. transportation, computer assistance, grocery shopping, light home maintenance, etc.); social, cultural and educational programs; ongoing health and wellness activities; and member-to-member volunteer support. We enhance the lives of our members by facilitating social connections and access to support services that allow members to remain active and engaged in our communities as we grow older. The Golden Gate Village is a focal point for our members – with one phone call, members obtain information and guidance, access to services and programs, and assistance navigating the confusing maze of Long Term Services and Supports that exists in our community.


The Golden Gate Village’s organizational structure, programs and services are evolving in response to the unique needs of our members and resource gaps in our community. Let’s define what Golden Gate Village is:





- We are a self-governing, self-supporting, membership-based grassroots


- We are a consolidator and coordinator of services to our members.

- We create innovative strategic partnerships that leverage existing community

   resources, we do not duplicate existing services, and we create “win–win”

   scenarios that bring additional business to our partners while providing

   additional services for our members.

- We are person-centered, holistic and consumer-driven. And

- We promote volunteerism, civic engagement and intergenerational connections.





What will the members of the Golden Gate Village get out of forming and participating in the Village?


By organizing as a village, the seniors and individuals with disabilities who live in the Richmond district of SF can tap into volunteer and vendor-provided services deemed necessary to support our desires to age in community (staying in our own homes as we age)

Is the Richmond Senior Center going to become Golden Gate Village?

No, the Richmond Senior Center is NOT going to become Golden Gate Village, rather the Richmond Senior Center has been granted support to help coordinate and launch the Golden Gate Village. The Village will utilize the existing space and resources that many Richmond seniors currently enjoy. The Village will grow partnerships with volunteers, organizations, and vendor companies throughout the community. The Golden Gate Village is community based, and developed by the very seniors we aim to serve.


The Richmond Senior Center is creating the Golden Gate Village. The Village has an all-volunteer advisory board, plus the support of a temporary grant funded staff. We are establishing a team of volunteers to begin coordinated support to seniors and individuals with disabilities that will foster healthy aging in place.


A Village is made up of members, member-volunteers, non-member volunteers, and local vendors.


Members are the people who join the Village based on where they live. The Richmond village will target serving seniors who live in the Richmond district.


Qualify for volunteer services such as Transportation to medical appointments, Friendly Visitors, Wellness checks as available


Will be given access to local vendors who have been vetted by the Village and may provide a discount for service to our Village members


Social and Educational events hosted by the Village


Member Volunteers are members who also provide support to other members in the form of volunteering. They might provide rides if they drive, help with grocery shopping or make friendly visits. Member volunteers might also teach a class or help set up for a Village event. Often members are asked to help make phone calls to other members to let them know about events or just see how they are doing.


Non-Member Volunteers are people living in the community (often neighbors) who sign up to provide occasional or regular services or support to Village members. Non-member volunteers might be a driver on call to help members get to medical appointments or connect socially. They may serve in a specific area of expertise such as offer computer problem solving or technology support to members in their homes or in a structured setting such as the RSC computer lab.


Local Vendors are vetted businesses and nonprofits that offer services for members when volunteers are not available to help. Often they will offer a discount to village members.


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